As the efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 increase, we are adapting the way we do business to continue to serve your needs.  Lantic Inc. and The Maple Treat Corp. continue to focus on the health and safety of our employees while serving our customers.

As the leading supplier of sugar, sweeteners and maple syrup in the consumer market, our teams take the responsibility of maintaining the supply of these staple products very seriously.  We are proud to be able to support the efforts to overcome the challenges associated with COVID-19.  We have taken additional measures in order to respond quickly and effectively to the business needs of the markets we serve globally.     

In our offices, refineries and factories, we are taking every precaution to limit contact, expand work from home capabilities, enhance cleaning, configuring work flow to respect distancing and screen personnel to ensure we protect our employees.  We also recognize the stress and anxiety that can manifest during uncertain times like these. To support our employees, we have health professionals ready to assist with their physical and mental wellbeing. We want to re-assure you that we are committed to keeping our products available. We are equally committed to protect our employees while continuing to provide this important service to our customers.  Our manufacturing sites and warehouses remain operational.  We believe that by working together and sharing our actions to beat COVID-19, we will protect our employees, provide continued service to our partners and come out of this even stronger than before.

We understand that for families and communities at large that are remaining at home, simple pleasures in life such as having coffee or tea at home, making weeknight dinners, enjoying or discovering baking with your children while they are out of school would provide some grounding comfort as we face these unprecedented challenges.

We would like to thank you once again for the trust you have shown us. In these difficult times, we are happy to join forces with you to make a difference. 

John Holliday
President and CEO

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