Maple Grades

Grade A

Grade A classifications are carefully selected by our master sugar maker for their delicate, pure and authentic maple flavor profile. There are four classes of Grade A maple syrup:

  • Golden Color, Delicate Taste
  • Amber Color, Rich Taste
  • Dark Color, Robust Taste
  • Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

In general, lighter syrups will have a more delicate and gentle taste, whereas darker syrups will have a stronger, more pronounced taste. This color variance happens naturally and depends on whether the sap was harvested at the beginning, or end of the season.

Processing Grade

Processing Grade is specifically created for food ingredient markets. Processing Grade has a natural stronger flavour than Grade A.

We respect the natural maple syrup process – there are no artifical colours added to our products.

Highland Sugarworks maple grade golden

Golden Color, Delicate Taste

Produced at the very start of the season

Color: 75% – 100%

Taste and Flavor: delicate and subtle

Enjoy subtle flavors of delicate florals and vanilla, with fruit and nut aromas. One teaspoon will add a subtle, yet defined taste of maple flavor to your favorite recipes. We recommend using golden syrups to lightly infuse your meals, or desserts with this incomparable flavor.

TRY IT WITH: fruits such as strawberries or bananas to enhance their natural flavor, or to upgrade simple white sauces and dressings.

Amber Color, Rich Taste

Produced at the height of the season

Color: 50% – 74.9%

Taste and Flavor: well-balanced

Amber syrups are the best selling type of maple syrup in the US for a reason! With a perfectly balanced flavor palette, you will enjoy sweet aromas of caramel and maple, with a hint of vanilla.

TRY IT WITH: your favorite pancake, or waffle recipes, or upgrade your various sauces and frostings with a hint of maple. You will not be disappointed!

highland sugarworks maple grade amber
Highland sugarworks maple grade dark

Dark Color, Robust Taste

Produced towards the end of the season

Color: 25% – 49.9%

Taste and Flavor: for the true maple syrup aficionado

Known as the favorite of maple syrup producers, dark syrups offer a strong maple flavor, with undertones of toffee, and rich coffee. These syrups tend to leave slightly bitter notes in their aftertaste.

TRY IT WITH: oatmeal, chicken stir-fry, or to sweeten your cup of morning coffee. Perfect as a table syrup, or for cooking of all kinds.


Very Dark Color, Strong Taste

Produced at the end of the season

Color: 0% – 24.9%

Taste and Flavor: earthy; good for cooking purposes

Produced at the end of the season, very dark syrups display the most pronounced flavor, with hints of black coffee, chocolate, toasted nuts, and molasses. Just like the dark syrups, very dark syrups also tends to leave slightly bitter notes in their aftertaste.

Very dark syrups are most useful when a strong maple taste is needed to counterbalance other strong flavors in your favorite recipes. It is not recommended for use as a table syrup.

TRY IT WITH: dark sauces, pork, beef, or any dishes that include a smokey, earthy flavor.

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